The Collaborative

The Collaborative is the University of Arkansas education and research presence in Bentonville and catalyst to propel the state’s innovation ecosystem. Bentonville is a special place, fueled by the migration of creators from all around the world. The University of Arkansas is uniquely qualified to accelerate innovation ecosystem development through workforce development, start-up acceleration in strategic sectors, the application of data science, and the commercialization of research and technology.


History and Mission

In 2020, a $194.7 million grant from the Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation funded the creation of the Integrative and Innovative Research (I3R) to grow the university’s cross-disciplinary research capability, expand the scope of discoveries made by University of Arkansas researchers and increase the velocity in which discoveries are transferred to the marketplace where they can improve or save lives.

In addition to establishing I3R, the grant provided funding for a Bentonville presence to serve as a spoke of the I3R hub in Bentonville including the costs to lease a facility, buildouts or renovation costs, startup, outfitting, furnishings, technology, networking and equipment in the facility as well as a longer-term master plan as a component of the institute’s presence in Benton County.